Bluegrass Band

Bassist Donald J. Moore has been fiddling around since he was ten years old. Having grown up in Chicagoland, he cut his teeth on jazz, blues and swing and brings all these influences to his Bluegrass repertoire. He was first introduced to Bluegrass on weekday afternoons watching old Andy Griffith show reruns on WGN where he would see the Darlings show up and all sorts of amazing musical mayhem commence. He figured he'd eventually end up playing that style and he's glad he did. He's played in numerous bands throughout the years starting with his first Chicago cover band in 1976, plus local choirs, orchestras and alt-country outfits. He also plays some guitar and ukulele on the side.
When Rich Schwartz hit the 40-year mark, his mid-life crisis kicked in and he built his first mandolin. This started him down the path of Bluegrass, folk, old-time, and Celtic music. After attending a number of Bluegrass jams (and starting his own) where he met like-minded musicians, he started up a band, Wooden Bridges. Some years later, Rich met Ruth Sternemann at a jam and teamed up with her as a Celtic/Folk duo called Bramble & Rose. Soon he added Irish whistle and mandola to his instrumental arsenal. Rich is delighted to be playing with Ruth, Josh and Don in the Genesee Ridge Band. Rich works as an engineer at an automated machine company in Pewaukee. He lives in the Lake Country area.
Ruth Sternemann grew up with the Wauwautosa scene. She has been making music since she was 7 years old beginning with the piano, and then later in 8th grade when she purchased her first guitar. Ruth has always been active in the music community. She always had a fondness for Bluegrass music, but didn’t really play it much until she hit 40. She has been part of that scene as well as various other bands since. You can also find her playing Celtic/folk music on her hammer dulcimer and mountain dulcimer with her duet partner, Richard Schwartz, in a group called Bramble and Rose. She works as a communication director and graphic artist during the day.
Joshua Stewart was raised primarily in the New England area and grew up listening to the harmonies of 70's folk music, Gordon Lightfoot and Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Joshua began playing the banjo in high school after his exposure to Bluegrass and soon found himself playing in local Bluegrass bands through his high school and college years. More recently he has also played the banjo for the local Wisconsin Bluegrass band Blue Eagle. When not playing music, Joshua is a veterinarian in Wales, WI. He lives in Wales with his wife, Kate and their four sons. He also enjoys playing guitar and a little mandolin from time to time.